Trip 3: Freediving Adventure Komodo


Our trip will begin in Labouan Bajo which is the gateway to Komodo National park . Komodo is one giant playground for freediving, not limited by bottom times and surface intervals we are free to play in the coral rich waters of the area. Expect pristine islands, colorful walls and exhilarating drifts , the marine life is simply stunning with abundant species of schooling fish , corals and manta rays . Apart from freediving we will visit Rinca island (home of the Komodo Dragon) and watch stunning sunsets atop windswept island hills. Other activities include yoga , trekking  and beach campfires all combining to create an unforgettable Komodo experience.


We offer this trip in cooperation with APNEISTA Freediving , the leader in professional freediving and yoga courses and teacher trainings in Indonesia.

Trip Departure Arrival Duration Charter Type Availability  
 1  9.5.2018 from Labuan Bajo 14.5. 2018 in Labuan Bajo 6D5N Open Boat spots available SEND ENQUIRY