September and October 2022


Route: Flores - Komodo - Sumba - Mangkudu


Sumba has a long and beautiful shoreline with a few known, like Millers Right or Perro  ́s to name a couple, but many more unknown surf spots. Numerous bays and small peninsulas offer a perfect terrain for awesome surf with an almost 100% guarantee of zero other surfers in the water next to us. Reaching those spots by land is very hard and sometimes impossible, so going on a boat is the only way to surf them. 
We start our journey in Labuan Bajo,  Flores which is just 1 hour by plane from Bali. On the day of your arrival we will set sail and cruise through the Komodo National Park where we are going to see the famous Komodo Dragons. Over night we continue our journey to Sumba and reach the first surf spot the next morning. From now on we will continue to sail along the majestic coastline of Sumba, passing a few known spots like Millers Right but way more unknown and hardly surfed waves. The landscape is breathtaking, pristine beaches, wild jungle, untouched by civilization.