On this journey the RFC will bring you to the remote areas of South East Nusa Tenggara or the Lesser Sunda Islands. Sumba, Savu, Rote and a few small but very wave rich islands are exposed to a very large window of swell directions and almost always empty. We start in Waingapu, Sumba and after our first cruise we will reach the spots Racetracks and Five-O´s where we will surf as much as we can! Our next destination south of Sumba mainland will be an island called Mangkudu with a magical lefthander and also a nice right . Then we will do an overnight crossing towards a very remote area of Indonesia. The islands of Savu and Raijua are hardly every visited by surfers and offer amazing waves with zero crowds. After another overnight crossing we will reach Rote which is known for the famous multi peak left hander T-Land which is an amazing wave indeed but also easy accessible by land. But in the closer area are numerous smaller islands which are only accessible by boat and guarantee empty breaks! From Rote we will continue our route towards Kupang, Timor where our adventure will come to an end.


25.Sept. - 6.Oct. 2020

12.Oct. - 23.Oct.2020